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A Broken America

Much to do about health care during this election cycle. From a health care providers perspective, our current healthcare system punishes and burdens everyday hard working Americans from basic health care needs. On the providers side of the issue we suffer from reimbursement equality compared to our MD counterparts. Private practices are forced to close or "re-tool" themselves to align with the demands of the insurance carriers instead of the needs of the patient in front of them. When private health care offices close it drastically affects the community it serves. It affects access to care, and more importantly it impacts the relationships of the the patient and provider. The insurance carriers change the rules on providers like independant practices and Nurse Practitioner run practices. For instance in some states Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN's) are required to practice with MD oversigt (more on this subject in a separate blog). We now have 23 states that have abolished this wretched state requirement. Insurance carriers reimburse APRN's at a reduced rate thand MD's. Our health care laws, practices and rules are dictated by powerful lobbyist funded by deep pocket organizations, such as the American Medical Association. This blocks change in the way health care is delivered and limits access to care from everyday people. Here's what I do know...1) APRN's are well qualified in their areas of speciality. 2) There are not nearly enough MD's to care for the population. 3) Multiple validated studies have shown APRN's are preferred by patients, and they deliver safe effective care. 4) Drug prescribing practices and abuses are much, much fewer than their MD counterparts.

As you make your way to the polls, consider health care options to improve your access to care and the affordability of premiums you pay...Ask yourself are you truly getting what you pay for every month when you pay for your health insurance? Policy solutions on health care may not be perfect or clear at this point in the upcoming 2020 election, but your VOTE does count!

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