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Now offering DOT & NON-DOT testing

A DOT drug (or alcohol) test is a test done under DOT authority on a DOT-regulated employee, meaning that person is a safety-sensitive employee.

A NON-DOT drug (or alcohol test) is typically done under an employer’s authority. The employer can decide which employees they want to test; they do not have to perform particular duties to qualify.

However, some employers may do non-DOT testing in order to qualify as a drug-free workplace, which often provides fiscal benefit to the company. In this case, the state typically has regulations that employers must meet to qualify, and depending on the state, some of those regulations may include that employees with certain roles be included in the testing program.



  • DOT & NON-DOT Physicals

  • Pre-Employment

  • CDL Certification/Recertification

  • Saliva Testing

  • Rapid Drug Screening

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DOT safety-sensitive employees are required to submit to testing in the following situations:

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Random testing

  • Post-accident testing

  • Reasonable suspicion testing

  • Return-to-duty testing

  • Follow-up testing

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