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Vitamins and Minerals are called "Essential" because they are need to sustain life and health, and almost all can be obtained from diet.  Some however, must be replaced and replenished because the body is unable to reproduce some nutrients on its own.  The human body is not capable of storing most vitamins and minerals, so optimal health relies on nourishing and replenishing depleted nutrients.

Metabolism Booster Injections and Vitamin IV Drips

PRP or PRF Anti-aging

Sexual Dysfunction treatments for males and females with the 

O-shot and the P-shot!  

* Treats Female Urinary Incontinence

*Improves Female sexual function

*Treats male Erectile dysfunction


Combining Science with nature.  Using your own Platelet Rich Plasma or Platelet Rich Fibrin to harness powerful growth factors to promote collagen and elastin reconfiguration and growth turning back the hands of time and the aging process.  PRP & PRF applications can also be applied to hair loss treatments in conjunction with micro-needling and high frequency treatments.  Consult your health care provider for the treatment options to address your personal needs.

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Anti-Aging treatments

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles with anti-aging treatments.  Mesotherapy serums combined with microneedling can advance production of collagen and elastin in skin, producing a youthful and refreshed appearance.

High Frequency Hair Loss Restoration

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High Frequency Scalp & Facial  Treatments Trusted by and used for years by health care providers, cosmetologists, and skin care experts alike to promote healthier hair growth and healthy skin.  High frequency treatment involves the application of low level electrical current which revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation,  in the scalp naturally. Provides healing for acne by targeting bacteria forming pimples and blackheads.

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